HK&C: Engrish Roundup

Because everyone loves Engrish… a few highlights (click to enlarge, if you wish)

It all started with Kiely’s Saline:
“SHE: Shining Health Eyes”
Albright’s Scooter – Hummer? or Hanma!
We have the rich commodity – in a Yongzhou supermarket
“Choiceness Raw Material Produced Meticulous”
Wheat Smell Breakfast!
At the Forbidden City, you must treat the AC with respect.
Visit the Geart Wall!
The Great Wall has many rules…
Safty Concerns galore at the Great Wall’s Sliding Car
At the Lama Temple
The Fire Fighting Self Saving Breather in the hotel…
Using the breather… I Like #4
Taiwan’s Bad Side Meat at the Forbidden City. (Translated it is “minced”)
My personal favorite, the closeup is below…
Liquor… Gecko…SEABOURSE?!?
A bit more clear…

Down Here All the Fish is Happy: Engrish Roundup

Having studied a bit of Mandarin, I actually have a bit of a clue as to just how hard it may be to effectively learn these two radically different languages.

That said, it’s still really funny to see one’s native language so misused.

Here are my remaining favorites, rediscovered while sorting the many pictures taken.

At the Aquarium:
Down here, all the fish is happy!
(look to the right for , “…us and eat us”

A subway advertisement for Biore face wash on the Taipei MRT promises a Happy Ending!

A department store advises that their products do not have testers:

Meanwhile, one may shop at
Kuda: For Curious Woman

For any emergency, please press this button:

Some just want to be Foved, at the Shilin Night market

And surely whatever snack is created when the,
“vegetable stick attaches the tartra sauce”
is worth a go…