About This Blog

About this Blog:

I started this blog a while back to take note of things I liked. It has since evolved to be a personal reference of sorts as well, as I keep track of places I have been and projects I have undertaken.

I’ve always written it with the assumption that I’ve an audience of one, so I’m always happy to hear if anything I’ve written has been helpful or entertaining to you.

If you were directed to this site from its old home on Blogger, I’ve split out the Quest for Sunday Roast thread into a site of its own, Quest for a Sunday Roast, but the rest of the old content is here.

If you like the header picture, it’s a very cropped shot of a memorial in Budapest that I photographed in 2007.

About Me:

I’m an American living in London. After nearly three years, it very much feels like home, but still, there are surprises. I’ve recently left my job at a bank, and have been enjoying the spoils of free time.

I love eating and riding my bicycle, albeit not at the same time.

8 Comments to “About This Blog”

  1. You should eat AND ride you bike at the same time.. its far more fun (^^,)

    Catch you later


  2. I want to learn how to eat and ride a bike at the same time. Then I’ll run away and join the circus.

  3. Maybe you should have a picture taken—-having a bite of food while on the bicycle, to show how much you like food and bike 😛

  4. I love your blog. I want a blog just like yours! I’m about to join the ‘ i-apple’ collective, so will start recording thoughts and pictures. I need a ‘Meme’.

  5. I need some inspiration. So far I’ve just been eating a lot. How is your knee?

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