Health and Safety Truly Gone Awry

As seen outside of the Kensington Homebase last weekend:


More Fun with Town Names

I caught this weather report back in November, when it was especially rainy.

Naturally, I could not resist the hilarity that is the town names of  Mumbles and Dunkeswell.

This posted the question of where these places are, and much to our surprise, Mumbles looks gorgeous- at least according to this website.

I think it may be our first car trip, once I get my license!

Premier League…

!I don’t know what’s worse:

  • That we saw “Live Premier League…” in the Sky TV Guide, thought football (soccer) was on, selected the program, and learned that the program was, much to our horror, “Premier League Darts” (Burn!)
  • That a repeat of Premier League Darts is shown in HD on Sky Sports while there’s plenty of Vancouver Olympics to be shown. Surely, somewhere in Vancouver, there’s Luge in progress?

FYI: Drinking during competition was banned by the British Darts Organization in the late 80s.