NYC Cycle Routes: City to Piermont via 9W or HHD

Another route I often enjoyed in my NYC days was from home to Piermont. One can go via 9W or Henry Hudson Drive (HHD), and I’ve mapped both for you with the HHD bit in purple.  
In the city, I tended to use Riverside Drive, rather than the greenways to get to the GWB because it was faster and I don’t always have enough fear for my own good. (I took the Manhattan Bridge with the cars once on my bike. I can assure you this was not wise.) Taking Riverside Drive is totally OK, though. I wouldn’t suggest anything intense on here.

Anyway, as before: look at the underlying googlemap, as I’ve left notes on the markers to help.

Any suggestions/ amendments, let me know!



NYC Cycle Routes: My Brooklyn Route

This is a pretty fun route that I’ve shared with a number of people, and I’ve finally gotten around to mapping it. I plan to map out a few more in the coming weeks, as else, I might start forgetting them. (I left New York in December 2007)

I think this is a ride best done in the early morning, as then you avoid, the heat (if summer), traffic, and hoardes of tourists on the Brooklyn Bridge who don’t understand that they belong on the side of the bridge that doesn’t have a picture of a person with wheels on it. Also, the Ocean Parkway bit has quite a few synagogues, so you may want to avoid timing your rides for temple time, as the service roads have a lot more cars then.

Do look at the underlying googlemap, as I’ve left notes on the markers to help.

Any suggestions/ additions are welcome, just let me know!

Places I Love to Eat in NYC

As I find I am often asked where to eat in New York, I decided to respond to this when most recently asked with a Google Map, so here it is:

This list is hardly exhaustive. Even as I write this, I find myself thinking of more places to add! (Please feel free to remind me of places I’ve left out!)

It’s a bit of a work in progress that is based on knowledge that may be 3 years out of date, but these are all places I’m always happy to return to when I am back in the City. They’re all places that have consistently served me well over the course of my 13 years as a New Yorker.

I’ve made notes on each restaurant as well, which you can view by clicking on the markers. It may just be easier to visit the map itself, though, where you can see the map and all of the notes at the same time.

Things I love in NYC, II

It’s Breakfast  O’Clock in the Lounge!

When I last wrote on this topic, I had just returned from a trip back to New York, at which time, I expected I’d be returning a few months later. I highlighted a handful of things I really enjoyed and was fortunate enough to do during my last trip.

Time really flies. It took me nearly a year to make it back, and this time, it’s for a work trip, leaving very little time for me to really go out and just enjoy many of my old stomping grounds, aside from that video conference room on the 4th floor.

So, as I prepare for takeoff, here are some things I’m determined to do during my trip, even if I have to rappel out of my office.

  1. See Friends: An obvious one, I know. This might be an awful test of who actually reads my drivel. I’ve not really told anyone I’m showing up. outside of of handful of people I’ve chatted with in the last week *Surprise*

    On to the more general stuff…

  2. Eat Barbeque: London has a decent American- style barbeque joint or two, but it simply can’t compete with New York. The tough choice really comes when choosing: Daisy Mae’s or Hill Country. I’m determined to visit at least one, and not to worry, I’ve packed a tarp to wear.
  3. See my Angela: My Angela is a genius. She makes the demon that is my hair turn docile. She’s also well read, an accomplished amateur photographer, and she’s loads of fun to talk to.She works a new salon now, called Whistle. I’ve managed to secure an appointment with her for Friday. I am giddy.
  4. Bagels: I didn’t really appreciate just how glorious an H and H bagel with cream cheese, lox, and capers is until it wasn’t at my disposal.
  5. Check out Dr. Zizmor Ads on the Train: If you’ve been on the subway more than five times, you know what this means.
  6. J Crew: That’s right, there’s no J. Crew in London. I will cram my suitcase with its preppy goodness. A recent Guardian article promised that some J. Crew would be somewhat available via Net-a-Porter, but, “some” isn’t good enough, and I’d rather not pay UK prices. 
  7. Eat Brunch: Brunch is not an English thing. There will be eggs and a bloody mary, possibly at Great Jones Cafe.
…and while there’s plenty more, it’s time to board, so a part III is soon to folllow. 

Things I love in NYC, part I

Thirteen years of living in Manhattan left me with many things that I really do miss, regardless of how much I may love living in London.

During my most recent trip back to New York, I thought it appropriate to start documenting some of these places and things, most of which are NYC-specific.

Some things are obvious (bagels). Some are less so (Times Square). Years in Hell’s Kitchen meant trekking through Times Square more often that I liked; however, where else can you go for seven or more stories of glowing consumer influence? It also appears that one can also go for Yoga on 21st June, in the newly pedestrianized sections, which just seems odd.

Unfortunately, my ambition and my ability to actually go do stuff during this latest trip to my old home was signficantly compromised by a case of bronchitis that I picked up en route, but consider this a start to a series of posts to come.

Sweet E Train

1. The E Train: Yes, I love the E train; so much that I am mentioning it first.

That shiny, climate controlled chariot brought me from Hell’s Kitchen to the World Trade Center stop almost daily. I could have taken the A and gotten in faster, but the E meant a seat and reduced odds of running into anyone I knew. I’m a morning person, but I have limits.

Coming home, the E train was often already waiting at WTC, which meant no staring into a tunnel wondering when the train would show up.

Take that, Hangover!

2. The Breakfast Sandwich
England has breakfast sandwiches, but seemingly not in the spirit of this cardiac threat of eggs, sausage, cheese and buttered toast that I picked up in my office’s cafeteria.

The English equivalent seems to cut to the chase by cutting out the egg and cheese, and while I can and do appreciate that, I just like it this way.


3. Magnolia Bakery Cupcakes:
“I love those cupcakes like McAdams loves Gosling.”

Yes, they are that good, and I’ve accepted that until Magnolia can offer a fast track style service like the airport, I’m just going to have to wait my turn. My vote is always for the vanilla ones.

Fortunately, my time in London has raised my queuing XP to a record high, and I can wait for hours, passing the time by moaning about the line and the weather.
*(Thanks to Robin for this pic)

4. Lil’ Frankie’s Pizza
Lil’ Frankie’s is just that good. I even borrowed this picture from their site because I forgot to take one in all my sick glory, and I wanted to ensure that the pizza was well represented.
The Prosciutto & Arugula (not pictured) is my absolute favorite.

5. Century 21

Worth the Fight

I used to fear Century 21. Now I regard it as a bit of a sport. Either way, I’m sure National Geographic Channel’s (NG’s), I Was Buried Alive program will be filmed there sooner than later.
It’s a good place to go for staples like gym clothes, socks, and towels. Sometimes, you even find an excellent deal.
My rules for coping are as follows:

  1. Have no expectations.
  2. Go early. The staff are helpful and sometimes even pleasant first thing. By noon, they’re as fed up with the desperate fight for survival as one can be.
  3. This bit is crucial: Bring a patient friend. One needs a patient friend in tow (mine is Robin).
    a. The patient friend has to be good at shopping, so that their patience inevitably wears off on you as you have to do something while they go mining for treasure.
    b. The patient friend will help you check your receipt to ensure you weren’t overcharged, as I have been 2 of the last 3 times.
    c. The patient friend may also be the one who has the peace of mind to methodially dig you out when you find yourself in the inevitable NG channel– worthy situation.

6. Nail Salons
I can’t do my own hair.
I can barely put makeup on, and that’s only because a man with an extensive knowledge of theater at Saks‘ Nars counter showed me how.

Affordable manicures/ pedicures are a wonderful thing about New York. I’d recommend Jeniette. What I can get for $30 often without an appointment near Union Square would cost me at least £50 and require advance booking here in London.

7. NY1’s Roger Clark

Roger ready for mochi making

If there’s an angry swarm of bees that needs to be collected on air, NY1‘sRoger Clark is on the case. On screen, he’s good natured, and he’s willing to sing Rick Astley songs, have his swimsuit nearly stolen by riptide, and cover a multi-day blackout in Queens!

In the picture adjacent, he’s preparing to show us how to make mochi for Japanese New Year, yum!(video here). My husband would often point out that the morning host, Pat, is always safely in the studio with his stack of papers while Roger is out there fighting the good fight that is local news.

I’m not his only fan. Someone else beat me to I heart Roger Clark.