Things I love in NYC, II

It’s Breakfast  O’Clock in the Lounge!

When I last wrote on this topic, I had just returned from a trip back to New York, at which time, I expected I’d be returning a few months later. I highlighted a handful of things I really enjoyed and was fortunate enough to do during my last trip.

Time really flies. It took me nearly a year to make it back, and this time, it’s for a work trip, leaving very little time for me to really go out and just enjoy many of my old stomping grounds, aside from that video conference room on the 4th floor.

So, as I prepare for takeoff, here are some things I’m determined to do during my trip, even if I have to rappel out of my office.

  1. See Friends: An obvious one, I know. This might be an awful test of who actually reads my drivel. I’ve not really told anyone I’m showing up. outside of of handful of people I’ve chatted with in the last week *Surprise*

    On to the more general stuff…

  2. Eat Barbeque: London has a decent American- style barbeque joint or two, but it simply can’t compete with New York. The tough choice really comes when choosing: Daisy Mae’s or Hill Country. I’m determined to visit at least one, and not to worry, I’ve packed a tarp to wear.
  3. See my Angela: My Angela is a genius. She makes the demon that is my hair turn docile. She’s also well read, an accomplished amateur photographer, and she’s loads of fun to talk to.She works a new salon now, called Whistle. I’ve managed to secure an appointment with her for Friday. I am giddy.
  4. Bagels: I didn’t really appreciate just how glorious an H and H bagel with cream cheese, lox, and capers is until it wasn’t at my disposal.
  5. Check out Dr. Zizmor Ads on the Train: If you’ve been on the subway more than five times, you know what this means.
  6. J Crew: That’s right, there’s no J. Crew in London. I will cram my suitcase with its preppy goodness. A recent Guardian article promised that some J. Crew would be somewhat available via Net-a-Porter, but, “some” isn’t good enough, and I’d rather not pay UK prices. 
  7. Eat Brunch: Brunch is not an English thing. There will be eggs and a bloody mary, possibly at Great Jones Cafe.
…and while there’s plenty more, it’s time to board, so a part III is soon to folllow. 

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