Reversy Percy

Just when I stopped expecting further innovation on the M&S Percy Pig, further deliciousness appears.

Reversy Percy may even be better than the original.


M&S Percy Pig Cupcakes

I really haven’t devoted enough effort to my love of the M&S Percy Pig here. I’ve always expected that there would be plenty of time for me to craft an ode worthy of the best gummy candy on this island.

I may have been mistaken. You’ll have to just imagine the magnitude of my affection based on my ownership of both a Percy Pig mug and Egg Cup.

Not expecting any developments in this area, this pink box on the coffee table a few nights ago came as a surprise.

Percy Pig Cupcakes?

Let me get this straight…
Marks and Spencer, which I already know can make a fine, fine cake, is now selling a vanilla cupcake with pink frosting, adorned with my favorite M&S candy?

The idea initially leaves me feeling a bit conflicted.
How can I be expected to beat my train home when there are cupcakes such as these to be eaten?
How can I do anything but take the box and vanish into my lair like an predator having claimed victory over its prey?

Two days later, I’ve had 3 of the four cupcakes. I’ll eat the last one for breakfast tomorrow. They’re every bit as good as I hoped.

If I ever leave England, M&S food is among the things I’ll really miss.

My Percy Pig Eggcup

I was given this Percy Pig eggcup as a gift because of my love of Marks & Spencer Percy Pigs. It includes a matching spoon, an egg warmer, and a flower-shaped salt shaker (not in the picture),

Using it has resulted a new love of soft boiled eggs and toast, which is popularly know as “Eggs & Soldiers” to English children. The use of the term, “soldiers” to refer to strips of toast is so prevalent that it has been included in the OED in 1966.