Reversy Percy

Just when I stopped expecting further innovation on the M&S Percy Pig, further deliciousness appears.

Reversy Percy may even be better than the original.


M&S Percy Pig Cupcakes

I really haven’t devoted enough effort to my love of the M&S Percy Pig here. I’ve always expected that there would be plenty of time for me to craft an ode worthy of the best gummy candy on this island.

I may have been mistaken. You’ll have to just imagine the magnitude of my affection based on my ownership of both a Percy Pig mug and Egg Cup.

Not expecting any developments in this area, this pink box on the coffee table a few nights ago came as a surprise.

Percy Pig Cupcakes?

Let me get this straight…
Marks and Spencer, which I already know can make a fine, fine cake, is now selling a vanilla cupcake with pink frosting, adorned with my favorite M&S candy?

The idea initially leaves me feeling a bit conflicted.
How can I be expected to beat my train home when there are cupcakes such as these to be eaten?
How can I do anything but take the box and vanish into my lair like an predator having claimed victory over its prey?

Two days later, I’ve had 3 of the four cupcakes. I’ll eat the last one for breakfast tomorrow. They’re every bit as good as I hoped.

If I ever leave England, M&S food is among the things I’ll really miss.

Next Houseguest gets a Dalek Cake

That’s right. Next houseguest means a Dalek-shaped cake will be consumed at our house.

It may not be your birthday according to your driver’s license, but it will be here in Southwest London. I can’t promise that there won’t be hats, candles, and a pinata; however, I’ll try to keep it reasonable for your sake.

I spotted this at the M&S right after my birthday. Now we need a good reason to eat it, and, “Wednesday” simply won’t do.

The next birthday in our apartment is the cat’s, and that’s not until the end of March. That’s is just entirely too long for us to wait to have this cake in our living room. Besides, the kitty doesn’t like cake!

I recognize that you could go somewhere warm and sunny, but why would you want to do that when you could come to England in late winter? I can offer you drizzle, overcast skies, and a balmy 13 C. We’ll even throw in an umbrella to shield you from the elements.