Hastings, UK

View from West Hill

As I’m basking in having a bit of extra free time, I’m catching up on some travel notes. This trip to Hastings actually occurred back in July, so I’m only four months late in finishing this posting.

We headed to Hastings on a 915 train arriving around 11 and headed directly towards the Blue Reef Aquarium.

Hastings Snack

We were deterred only by an inquiry about Winkles and Cockles, which was immediately answered by immediate provisioning by Darren. For the record, these are like little snails. We ate, decided we collectively liked them, and remained focused on getting to the Aquarium.

The Blue Reef Aquarium has a reasonable collection, and we enjoyed our wander thoroughly, especially the sea horses.

We wandered out, nearly caved in for snack two, and wandered over to the Shipwreck Museum. If you ever wondered how a crate of muskets lost at sea might have looked after many years, this is definitely a must see. The exhibits cover several local shipwrecks and the recovered contents thereof. For the record, the Shipwreck Museum is very close to the Hastings Lifeboat Center.

It was around this time that we actually were derailed by the prospect of ice cream, but actually indulged in a beer and decided to go for lunch after a walk on the temporarily sunny beach. The restaurant we planned to visit,  Maggie’s, which supposedly has the best fish and chips in Hastings, was booked all day, so we admitted defeat and opted for a nearby option,Webbe’s. Webbe’s had a completely reasonable lunch offering, and the massive portions left us all in a bit of a food coma.

East Hill Funicular

After a mighty lunch, we went to the Fisherman’s Protection Society museum before taking the East Hill Cliff Railway, one of two funicular railways in Hastings.

The clouds cleared just for Vera & Roland.

From the top of the East Hill, we finally had our ice cream, enjoyed the view, and took an unplanned path down the hill to return to town.

The town center has lots of cute shops and restaurants, which we wandered in and out of while heading to the other funicular railway on the West Cliff.

Up the West Hill Cliff Railway lies Hastings Castle and the Smuggler’s Adventure. The Smuggler’s Adventure is a tour of St. Clements Caves, which were used by smugglers in the 17th and 18th Centuries. The attraction itself is very geared for kids, with lots of games in the exhibits, but the caves are still very interesting to see.

After taking the funicular back down, we went to the waterfront, which has all the trappings of a beach town: minigolf, arcade games, rides, and of course, even more ice cream, before heading back home.