Seed Stitch Cowl

The Finished Product

Here’s my latest knitted thing: another cowl sort of thingy. You wrap it around twice when you wear it.

The cowl in action!

I realize my knitting isn’t exactly a thrilling topic, but it is something I’ve come to find pretty enjoyable, and I find that with each thing I make I really do push myself to pick up new skills.

I found the pattern (free!) on Ravelry, and it was my first attempt at ribbing, moss (seed) stitch, and knitting in the round, which is where you actually knit a seamless tube.

The biggest lesson from this one? When knitting in the round, make sure the stitches are straight when you do the second row, as I had to rip out the first 12 rows (2400 or so stitches) and start over when I found I was knitting a möbius strip instead of a column.


2 thoughts on “Seed Stitch Cowl

    • Who knew, indeed! Was thinking that such might be better for the kids than a scarf, as once it’s on, there’s no risk of dropping it! As for being patient and talented, you’re one of the most patient and talented people I know! The thing I have that you don’t at the moment is the spare time!

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