Vera’s Birthday Cake


Today is my friend Vera’s birthday, and naturally, I saw this as a fine reason to inflict some cake on her.

Honestly, a lot went wrong along the way. I share this primarily to show how serious I am when I say that making a cake look pretty isn’t as hard as one might expect.

Mistake #1: I used a cake mix, purchased by my husband in an attempt to save my cake fail-ed Tetris cake project. I decided I might as well use it, rather than throw it out, and rationalized the decision by focusing on all the extra decorating time I’d have.

Just a bit battered.

Problem is, it yields a really domed cake, and had I really leveled it, the sponge layers would have been too small. So, I just leveled it a bit and went ahead. This is the critical stage where I should have stopped.

Mistake #2: Chock full of denial, I went ahead and iced it, but because the layers were so uneven, there was a pretty big gap between the two sponges. Despite my husband’s assurances that everyone loves icing, I have doubts here. Thing is, I couldn’t pick it apart without just ruining all progress to date.

So after a bit of refrigeration, it was sugarpaste time. After coloring it yellow, I rolled it out, and I tried to apply it. The paste broke in two spots, right near the big gap that I had tried to fill with icing.

I managed to patch that up well enough that my cake looked like it actually survived a tumble down the stairs.

That’s when I remembered something very important- flowers fix everything!

Now to serve it and see how much people do like icing. Surely one can’t do better than chocolate butter cream, though!