Undercooked Cake = Fail


We were invited to a Russian New Year party, and the invite suggested that guests of Russian heritage bring something Russian.

We lack Russian heritage, but we decided to bring something reminiscent of a beloved Russian export: Tetris! in cake form!

I used my new 10″ square pan and this chocolate cake recipe from BBC Good Food, not only because it not only looked good but it was a good match for the chosen pan. All the comments mentioned how big the finished layer was, and they weren’t kidding.

At 1650, The alarm went off for the oven. I thought it was due out at 1730, but I tend to easily lose track, so the timer is much more reliable than I am. I checked that it was done using a cake tester, which came out clean, and removed the cake.

After that, I mixed up some chocolate buttercream while waiting for my behemoth cake to cool. Unfortunately, the cake takes an age to cool because it’s so big, and I’m an impatient person, as I tried to take it out of the pan too early and minorly cracked it. oops.

As impatience rules supreme, I put it in the fridge to help the cooling process, once the pan was cool enough to handle. Much clock watching followed. It took more than four hours.

My second attempt to remove it from the pan revealed that the center was a tasty chocolate stew, rather than cake. This is when my husband and I realized that there was a reason why the timer seemingly went off earlier than planned… my dear husband set the timer for 1:50 – 1h 50m, not 150 min. I had removed it from the oven 40 minutes early!

Grasping at straws, I crammed it back in the oven and read numerous websites telling me that I should just abandon all hope. I was still optimistic that if I could bake the center, I could just cut off the outside of the cake, eliminating the overbaked bits, and still have enough to cover in fondant and decorate.

60 minutes later, it seemed more done with a few checks, yet picking at it revealed a smallish spot that still was very underdone. It seems you really can’t salvage an underdone cake. Cake Fail!


5 thoughts on “Undercooked Cake = Fail

  1. I am sooo sorry…..I know how hard you were working on it and all the time you put into it….wish i could have been there to help…..you are still the greatest in my book…..lots of love and then some

  2. It was just a silly mistake! While there’s not enough time to redo it for the party tonight, I’ll have to make something else soon. I can’t leave all that chocolate butter cream to waste, can I?

    • True. I think the collapse felt significant because the cake was huge and it ended up being a huge waste. It tasted really good, though, so at least I got that bit right. 🙂

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