Knitted Shawl

I made this shawl for my friend, Vera, who recently had a baby.

My thought was that this would be pretty handy to keep in the bottom of a pram, as one could wrap up a baby in it, use it for a bit of privacy whilst feeding, etc.

The pattern came from a book of my mother’s from the 70’s, which she showed me while I was visiting her. It’s all knit stitch, using two different needle sizes. It also gave me an opportunity to make my first fringe, some of which had to be redone due to the cat’s love of chewing on bits of yarn. All it took was a minute of inattention for her to turn a pile of carefully measured and cut potential fringe into a slobbery mess.



One thought on “Knitted Shawl

  1. I have been using it quite a lot especially in the cold day walking along river front. Hopefully I can get to this knitting level one day so I can make one for you 🙂

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