Christmas Cupcakes

Getting festive, cupcakes were made. Yay Christmas!

What did I learn from this experience:

1. Edible Glitter fixes everything. It makes everything a bit more pretty. I also learned that just because edible glitter is edible, doesn’t mean it’s digestible.

2. Using liquid fondant is much easier then I expected, but you have to work quite quickly as it hardens within minutes. I think the hardest part is not overcooking it and making it into a rock.

3. Piping icing is much easier if you aim at 90 degrees. Doing it on a slant results in offroad icing.

4. When filling the cupcake wrappers/ tins,  less is more, as if you overfill, whatever you put on top won’t have the wrapper to help it along.

5. If you want the cupcakes to come out flattish on top, use margarine. Butter will yield a dome-shaped top, which you’d have to then level.

6. I can eat two of these before feeling vile.


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