The Magic Roundabout

That's right... five mini roundabouts! (Thanks to DickBauch for this photo)

I was out for drinks last night, relaying tales of my driving lessons. Naturally, I had to bring up the infamous double mini roundabouts of my recent adventures around Islington.

I was immediately alerted that two mini roundabouts is nothing! That there are, in fact, places where there are five, which unite to create a gigantic, “Magic” roundabout.  (This one is right outside of Swindon, if you really wanted to know)

Are the Brits roundabout mad? Very likely! There’s even a UK Roundabout Appreciation Society, which produces an annual calendar of the country’s finest offerings.


2 thoughts on “The Magic Roundabout

  1. Durham NC has gone a bit mad for roundabouts over the five years since we moved here from NY. Now that I’ve moved to Baton Rouge (Durham is still my “summer home”, where I have a house and a daughter), I’m waiting for the spirit to move our oh-so-hip traffic engineers in EBR Parish.

    And don’t laugh — La. is SO progressive now. We even have an Indian governor!

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