Off the Leash

I've always loved this cartoon. The sentiment rings so true.

I was recently advised by my new-ish manager that he would like my role relocated to New York.

As I’m not ready to leave London yet, I left my office yesterday with a severance package and the sort of joy that comes with not having an office blackberry about to ring at any given time.

It’s been a long time since I haven’t had a job. The last time was at the end of 2001, following massive post September 11th cuts at my Firm. I remember being shattered by the news. I had loved my job and had only recently begun my career.  It took me nearly a year and much of savings at the time before I found another job.

This time, the circumstance is a bit different. I’ve been considering a career path change for quite some time, only the next step has been one I’ve yet to determine. While the last days at work felt strange and sad, I was thrilled at the prospect of a bit of time off and a fresh start.

All those things I’ve said I’ll do when I have a bit more time are actually an option now, from the practical (a CV building, week long immersion French course) to the more frivolous (building a model of the Cutty Sark in a bottle). I’m looking forward to all of it!


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