HK&C: Day 6: Hong Kong and an Overnight Train

View of our cabin
from the top bunk.

Our overnight train from Yongzhou to Shenzhen was delayed from 0040 to 0130, which wasn’t so bad. I had never stayed in a sleeper car, and I found it excellent.

Each sleeper on our train had six bunks. Kiely booked the top bunks for us, which were a bit close to the ceiling to comfortably sit, but afforded us a spot next to our bags and plenty of privacy. I did find that this was where my theory about a skirt being far easier to travel in than pants failed a bit, as trying to climb up and down from the bunk was no easy task. The bunks themselves were very comfortable. I think I may have had my best sleep in over a week, but whether that’s the train or Tylenol PM is open for debate.
Kiely was fast asleep as I faced
the challenges of Surprises 1 and 2

At some point in the wee hours, I decided it was time for a bathroom break. As I clambored down from my bunk, I encountered Surprise number 1: the person on the bottom bunk had raised the foot peg, so I had nothing to step down from. Oops.

Then came Surprise number 2:
the cabins aren’t labelled on the outside, so I wasn’t certain which one was mine when returning. I had counted doors en route, but when I counted back, the room I found had more shoes on the floor than I remembered seeing in mine. I opted for one door over, and with some intrepidation, climbed up to the third bunk. Much to my relief, I found it both it empty and with my stuff in the basket on the wall.

The sleep ended when the Chinese muzak started soudly piping in around 830.

Yuki and Kiely at the MTR stop

The train arrived at 1115 or so, and we made our way into the station to find my brother’s girlfriend, Yuki, who was joining us for the HK leg of the trip. We finally met up, headed through customs and hopped on the MRT to Kowloon Tong, from which we took a taxi to our digs for the next few days, The Olympic Terrace Suites.

As budget friendly accommodations go, the Olympic Terrace was great. We had two small bedrooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen for the equivalent of £70 a night. I never would have found this place had Darren not come across it in a Guardian article of great budget places to stay in Hong Kong.

Best Thai Curry, Ever

After dropping off luggage, we headed out for a late Thai lunch in Kowloon City‘s Thai Corner.
We picked a place called Golden Orchid from our guide book, and the food was fantastic. I think it may have been the best green curry I have ever had.

at Chi Lin

Full of food and far from the MRT, we hopped in a cab and went to the Chi Lin Nunnery. According to the guidebook, this Buddhist temple was rebuilt in 1990, and it contains not a single nail.

After wandering around a bit, we hopped on the MTR to Central where we ran a few errands before meeting my old NYC workmate, Jim, in Lan Kwai Fong for a few beers in a bar called Stormie’s. It was good to catch up, and much like Kimiko, Jim makes a very compelling case for moving to Hong Kong. I officially consider myself tempted. 

Lan Kwai Fong
By the time the Portugal- North Korea game went from 0-0 to 7-0, it was time for dinner. We headed around the corner to Tokio Joe and I started to make up for all that sushi I don’t have in London.

The food was excellent, but I failed to take any pictures of it due to lack of battery. We headed back home around 11, ready for sleep.


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