HK & China 2010 (HK&C): The Game Plan

The Where and When

While initially planned for February and rescheduled due to my passport being held up for visa stuffs, Kiely and Francoise’s Super Awesome Hong Kong and China Trip (HKandC), has finally come!

As with everything else I do, I have made a spreadsheet summarizing a plan of action. Mock me all you like, but those who have survived my spreadsheets will generally agree that they’re a good thing.

A few plans are currently lined up, but not many. There are friends to see in Hong Kong, a duck supper with friends of a friend in Beijing, and a definite requirement to see the Great Wall and The Forbidden City, but the rest will be ad-libbed.

Should we lose steam and require inspiration, my brother Kiely and I will be looking to our first real exposure to the PRC, a PBS children’s special, Big Bird in China, rediscovered while looking at old books at our mother’s house.
He’s definitely Big Bird at 6’8″ (the real Big bird is 8’2″), and as Barkley and I share a hairstyle, these roles may be fitting.

Pictures and recaps will follow, as I can post them. For now, it’s packing and airport time! 赠别!


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