I am a Britstuff Mule

Newark, Ahoy!
My first name doesn’t fit on the ticket ..

As I find myself embarking on another trip to NYC, it occurs to me that there is another aspect to visiting home:

Being a Britstuff Mule.

This particularly comes to mind because this trip is such that unless you work at my office*and* are involved in the project that I’m resuscitating and expected to present on Thursday, I probably won’t see you. Thus, this is my first trip from London to the US *ever* where I’ve not had goods.

So, as I wait for take off, please enjoy this list of items I have been asked to bring to the US from the UK over the past few years. I’m sure this isn’t all of them…

(I’ve also included a photo of a haul from a 2007 business trip… that bedspread is the Ritz’s not mine!)


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