New Kitten! (soon)

This is a picture from her breeder…
Yes, her ears are supposed to be that big.

Things have been seemingly quiet here since the volcanic disruption, but really, we’ve just been having a bit of downtime in preparation for a busy summer.

It will busy summer that will include a kitten!

We chose her last weekend, and in the picture to the right, she is seven weeks old. We will travel to Norwich to meet her later in the month, and she will come home with us around the 12th of June.

New kitty (we’re not committing to a name until we’ve really met her) is a Cornish Rex, which is a breed with very short fur and generously sized ears. The breed is popular with allergy sufferers because the short hair makes for easier maintenance.

Expect a lot of kitten pictures in the near future. I may not be able to resist turning this into a website of full of them, but I’ll do my best. After all, we’ve got trips to take, roasts to eat, and much to snicker at.


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