Daiwa Katsu Day!

Diawa London

It is entirely possible that I’m the only one who wonders if the food is better at the subsidized cafeterias of other investment banks. If not, please feel free to read on.

Getting In

While out a few weeks ago, a friend raved about the chicken katsu curry available in the Daiwa Bank Cafeteria.
Of course I had to ask if I could drop by and have the Daiwa Katsu experience, and he kindly said yes.

Daiwa Katsu Day was scheduled, marked on the calendar, and after much anticipation, arrived today.

I arrived at Daiwa’s offices on King William Street, right in time to snap the picture above.

The Famed Katsu!

After signing in and obtaining a visitor’s pass, it was time to feast…and feast we did!

For starters, while their cafeteria is tiny, this chicken katsu was huge. The rice was sticky, the chicken’s coating was crunchy, and I chowed my way right into a food coma that I might not have emerged from were it not for the walk back to my office.

As office food goes, this is totally an A+.

ありがとうございます Daiwa!


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