Photo du Jour: Postman’s Park

I decided to use the overcast day as a reason not to wander too far from work today to a place I really like, the Postman’s Park.

As usual, you can read all about it here on Wikipedia.

The Postman’s Park is home to the Memorial to Heroic Self Sacrifice which recognizes the acts of kindness made by ordinary citizens who lost their lives when saving another’s. It was first created in 1900.

The walls of the memorial are covered in tiles, which name the late hero and the brave action which lead to their untimely death.

The most recent tile was added in 2009

I hadn’t noticed flowers at the Memorial before, but today, there were two sets, which prompted this shot on the left.

I shot 15 frames today, and this picture on the left was my first. (I was saying to a friend yesterday that my first shots are never what I want, compositionally).

As I didn’t post anything yesterday, and because it’s really hard for me to only post one picture because there’s so much to take in, here’s another (right). The stories captured within the wall are all so varied, that I’ll have to come back again to share more.


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