A Night in Taipei, Sans Bill

This evening, our friend Bill chose karaoke with the wedding crew over a trip to the Shilin Night Market, here in Taipei.

He missed out on quite a bit! After a brief wander around the market, Darren, Hildo, and I spotted a friend of his

Naturally, we had to liberate him from that arcade, and we did with a bit of clever work from Darren.

After all that hard work, refreshments were in order!

But only for a little while, as there was much more to do and see this evening!

There were kittens,
waffles on sticks to purchase,
frog eggs, wow! to drink,

and strange t-shirts to browse!

After we had checked it all out, we decided to take our new friend on the MRT…

... after which we discovered a fish tank in the local subway stop!

The next and final stop was our hotel, to rest up for tomorrow’s adventures!

I wonder how karaoke was…


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