Training Update: 5 August

In the mighty battle that will be Franc v Tube, there has been a little progress since the last update, namely that I’ve actually run a some!

In this case, “some”, is a mediocre sounding 15 miles in since 15 July.

Getting back into it is something I’m really struggling with. I’m supposed to gradually ease back in, which isn’t really indulging my stubborn nature after 8 months of sitting on my couch eating. (Yes, it was fun.)

So, I’m trying to be good, sticking to slow intervals twice a week. I’ve already cheated a bit and overtrained, but I’m mostly behaving myself and trying to make the best of the bit I’m allowed to do. This can’t last forever, right?

I’ll definitely be running in Kenting and in the meantime, I’ll just keep telling myself that Franc v Tube will be even better in the autumn.

On that note, I leave you with the 70’s-astic picture above of yours truly, doing something I do even better than running: touching cheese.

**PS: I didn’t get a spot in the New York Marathon. I’ll hear about my lottery for a spot in the April 2010 London Marathon in October, and I’ll probably sign up for the the Two Oceans Marathon in Cape Town and the Chicago Marathon (just so I can see Victoria!) as a backup plan.
Perhaps I should start a Franc v Midlife Crisis thread for all that, eh?


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