Training Update: 9 July 2009

My preparation levels for the big day remains nearly unchanged since the last update.

I did acquire new running shoes, or as they’re called here, “trainers”, but as you can see, they’re still in pristine condition.

I had expected to be back running by the end of June, but unfortunately, I picked up a case of bronchitis while in New York, which led towhat is now going on four weeks of bad asthma and a lot of prednisone.

The good news is that my physio has said that as long as my lungs are feeling OK, I can finally start running some easy intervals to start acclimating my body to both running and hard cardio again. I expect to be giving this a go by this weekend, when I’m nearly off the asthma meds. I also hope to be dragging my bike out, if the weather holds up this weekend.

So, more to follow very soon!


2 thoughts on “Training Update: 9 July 2009

  1. How fun…wish I could run it with you and also have a beer!! As usual, your blog makes me miss England so much. I am jealous!Good luck and keep us posted.

  2. Oh goodness…I'm so sorry to hear you've picked up our disgusting bugs while here in the states. There has been so much sickness going around it's ridiculous! I hope and pray you feel better soon.=]Dm

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