Training Update: 24 May 2009

I'm hard at work!

Lately, I haven’t really been hard at work, training for the big challenge.

My physiotherapist was out for most of April due to a vacation and illness, which delayed things a bit. I was just OK-ed to start cycling again around a week ago. Since then, it has rained whenever I do have free time; although, I finally got my bike out for the first time this year during this holiday weekend.

As for actually running again, not yet! My latest jog for the camera shows I’m still not ready yet. I have been led to believe that I’ll be back running sometime in June, though, so the battle is still on.

Needless to say, all this waiting has led me to pursue workouts on my couch, often accompanied by a brick of cheese and a can of beer.

I should enjoy it while I can, eh?


2 thoughts on “Training Update: 24 May 2009

  1. Well, youre doing better than me. The heaviest thing I’ve lifted in the past week was a 60lb server…lol. I did, however, take my bike for a spin around the complex a few times last week.Dm

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