Training Update: 24 May 2009

I'm hard at work!

Lately, I haven’t really been hard at work, training for the big challenge.

My physiotherapist was out for most of April due to a vacation and illness, which delayed things a bit. I was just OK-ed to start cycling again around a week ago. Since then, it has rained whenever I do have free time; although, I finally got my bike out for the first time this year during this holiday weekend.

As for actually running again, not yet! My latest jog for the camera shows I’m still not ready yet. I have been led to believe that I’ll be back running sometime in June, though, so the battle is still on.

Needless to say, all this waiting has led me to pursue workouts on my couch, often accompanied by a brick of cheese and a can of beer.

I should enjoy it while I can, eh?


Hi-Viz: The Mantle of Health & Safety I

Hi-Viz Emporium in Parson's Green

One thing I noticed early on in my time here was the popularity of wearing florescent yellow when cycling, doing construction work, or possibly even, knitting a sweater. It’s just everywhere.

A blurry shot of school kids on a walk with hi viz.

Why being swathed in what is locally known as, “hi-viz” is a source of such comfort to the locals, I’m not really sure. What I do know is that back on my home planet, my cycling jacket was black, and that the only thing to get me to consider wearing a bright yellow jacket was anĀ REI super clearance sale.

In an effort to try to explain the sheer volume of it worn around London, I’ve attempted to document any and all Hi-Viz sightings throughout a given day.

Unfortunately, there’s often just too much.
The other day, I saw an entire class of schoolchildren walk by, each one wearing a reflective vest. Unfortunately, my blackberry was a bit slow, and I only got the tail end of the reflective entourage.

Thus, I’ve decided to give this another go, only this time, I plan to document all the discernable (to yours truly, at least) reasons why Londoners choose to don their Hi-Viz

So, I left my house, and between here and work (640am departure) with a stop at physiotherapy near the train I managed to snap a pic of:

1. Hi Viz on a Scooter

2. Hi Viz when collecting litter

3. Hi Viz on a motorcycle.

4. Hi Viz Delivering Papers

5. Hi Viz Potentially Repairing Scooters

6. Hi Viz tidying the train






















7. Hi Viz Having a Chat

8. Hi Viz Fixing the Pavement

9. Hi Viz on a folding bike












10. Hi Viz at Breakfast


…and this is all before 9:00!

The Tea Cake


The tea cake is the one UK sweet that I remain powerless in the presence of.

Take a cookie, place a gooey marshmallow on top, and then cover the lot in either milk or dark chocolate, and you have a teacake. My favorites (above) are made by Tunnock’s, a Scottish company.

They’re a bit like the American Mallomar, which is only made seasonally due to its low melting temperature.

Thing is, the Mallowmar’s marshmallow is very firm and feels somewhat fake, whereas the Tunnock’s marshmallow Fluff– like filling tastes much less synthetic. The addition of English chocolate, which is much less waxy than that in the US, puts the Tunnock’s version in a league of its own.