More Fun with Food: Stagg Chili

Even before we moved to London, my husband made many a reference to Stagg Chili. He still does.

Most of the time, these mentions have come when I am out of town, and he is regaling me with tales of his home alone status and accompanying chili-laden man diet.

I’ve lived in England for over a year now, but even back in New York, I had always assumed that the, “Stagg” in Stagg Chili was actually, “Stag”, and that this was all just a funny reference to some form of bachelor chow. This assumption was further supported by the fact that bachelor party is termed a, “Stag Do” here.

Today, I came home from work, went in the kitchen, and discovered that Stagg/Stag Chili IS real.

I was shocked. There it was on the counter, full of promise, offering an, “Authentic American” recipe, and, “shaped minced beef”.

I don’t know why minced beef would need shaping. It makes me a bit nervous. Still and so, the back of the can claims a legendary taste experience awaits me inside of this can.

Unfortunately, I’m unable to report on how the chili actually tastes. It was made quite clear that it is not for me and that there will be no sharing.


6 thoughts on “More Fun with Food: Stagg Chili

  1. Oh no! There’s lots of good meaty food here. Next time you find yourself in England, I’ll make a list of safe meats! :)Black pudding is a bit much for a lot of people, it seems. Whenever it has come up in conversation, I’ve found that most people don’t claim to be fans of it. For those of you not familiar with black pudding, it’s blood sausage.

  2. Coming from the nation who invented spray cheese, Baconnaise and has a higher morbid obesity and heart disease rate than any other nation in the world?Black pudding is a rarely found northern dish. It is like blacklisting American food based on only ever having eaten a street meat sandwich from a grotty food cart by the FDR. That aside the Stagg chilli was lovely. Just what the doctor ordered. When the wife is away, man eats what he wants. The fridge has beer, soda, cans of chilli, Hungry Man food by the pound. Oh what a joy!The meat was actually ground, mushed and pulped then (alarmingly) reshaped into cubes as if it was chopped meat.-The Husband

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