Snow comes to London

It began with a few flurries, and 19 hours later, the snow is still falling, with occasional breaks.

I haven’t actually been outside in the snow yet; although, the news reports leave me to believe that London may only have one plow, as many things are closed.

There are no trains. When I called my dentist’s to cancel my appointment, there was no answer. I hear my office is empty. The mail never arrived, and while the grocery delivery I scheduled for tonight hasn’t been cancelled yet, I’m not expecting it to make it.

It’s a bit boggling to see a city shut down by 6-8 inches of snow. Then again, it hasn’t snowed this much in 18 years.


3 thoughts on “Snow comes to London

  1. One of my fondest memories of England is the first time I went…we were in York, inside a quaint shop, when it began to snow. I walked out into the cobblestone street…the snowflakes were as big as a quarter. They drifted down softly on everything. I felt like Charles Dickens was going to walk by any minute.

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