Rome II


Sunday was a less ambitious day. We mostly just wandered around to the city.

One of the thngs I like to do most when travelling is to try to get a sense of how people live in the place I’m visiting. Thus, places like supermarkets and pharmacies are always on the agenda, in addition to strolling around some more residential areas.

We started out by heading to the Spanish Steps in search of breakfast

and had a good laugh at the Expensive! store







Then, we wandered over the the Trevi Fountain, which was much bigger than I expected. There are buildings closely built all around it, which made getting a full picture of it difficult, especially as it was surrounded by other tourists. I gave up, concluding that a postcard might be a better way to get a reasonable picture of it.

Then we went to the Trastevere, which is a very popular neighborhood for going out and people watching. We had some delicious pizza, after which we walked along the Tibor River (left).

We pretty much just wandered around for the rest of the day. How else do you think I managed to eat so much gelato?



Our final day kicked off with a trip to No. 3 on the list, the Colosseum. We walked to the Colosseum via the Roman Forum. We didn’t actually go in, we only walked by.

The Colosseum was smaller than I had envisaged. I was surprised to learn that a number of it’s exterior decorations were removed and used for St. Peter’s; that this structure was regarded as junk during the Renaissance.

After our wander around the Colosseum, we had some lunch and did a bit more wandering. Around three, we did what English people do when they have an hour to kill, we went to a pub before meeting our car to the airport.


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