Electrifying Taste: Office Yogurt

After the flapjack incident, I went back to the snackbar on my floor at work for more because I’m a glutton for punishment.

I spotted some fruit yogurt (made by Stapleton Farm), purchased it, and went back to my desk.

It wasn’t until I was half way through it that I actually read the packaging:

25% fruit gives electrifying taste!

Electrifying taste doesn’t sound delicious. It sounds scary and being American, that says a lot.

The US is really the land of the superlative. People will describe a latte as, “Awesome!” Every movie trailer includes the term, “Riveting!” Hell, we invented Monster Trucks!

The UK is much more subtle. An exquisite meal will be recalled with compliments such as, “Rather nice”. A very good show might muster a, “Quite good” or maybe a, “Brilliant”. In TV adverts, A snack cake company‘s slogan describes their products as, “Exceedingly good”.

I wonder what the target market is for fruit yogurt with electrifying taste. Given that I did buy and eat it, it might be yours truly.


4 thoughts on “Electrifying Taste: Office Yogurt

  1. I think the british version of defining an experience leaves more to be given in terms of description.I mean, if you define an “IHOP” dining experience as “Awesome”…what are you going to call “Dining at the Waldorf-Astoria”???Dm

  2. Dm- That’s a question I am frequently asked by English people who have spent time in America because of our zealous use of terms like, “Awesome”.I’m inclined to think there must be a suitable term between, “Awesome” and “Quite good”, but I haven;t figured it out yet!

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