24 Days of Joy: My Advent Calendar

As I have done for the last 23 mornings, I turned off the alarm clock and staggered into the living room to my Advent calendar. Bleary-eyed, disoriented, and often tripping over the cat, I have eventually found the applicable drawer, and welcomed the day’s start with a festive sugar rush.

Sometimes, I cheat and eat ahead. When I do, I make sure to leave a treat behind, as often there are two in each drawer. Waking up to an empty drawer might leave me inconsolable, and I can’t go to work lke that.

Tomorrow is the 24th, which means I get to wake up to the contents of the big (opened) drawer at the bottom and then retire the Advent calendar for another year.

This strikes me as wholly disappointing. Surely there’s something I’m always counting down to. Why not count down to everything with treats in little drawers?


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