My Percy Pig Eggcup

I was given this Percy Pig eggcup as a gift because of my love of Marks & Spencer Percy Pigs. It includes a matching spoon, an egg warmer, and a flower-shaped salt shaker (not in the picture),

Using it has resulted a new love of soft boiled eggs and toast, which is popularly know as “Eggs & Soldiers” to English children. The use of the term, “soldiers” to refer to strips of toast is so prevalent that it has been included in the OED in 1966.


2 thoughts on “My Percy Pig Eggcup

  1. Your posts seriously CRACK me up…and make me miss England so much…I have family up north in Leeds and have been blessed to visit numerous times. I love the quirks of the British almost as much as the weirdies Stateside! Keep posting!BTW, have you ever been to Whitby? If not, go…go!

  2. Whitby? Not yet! Should I ask why or will the answer be readily apparent upon my arrival? I’m intrigued!Thanks for your compliments, I will try to keep you entertained!

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